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Monday through Wednesday, 8:30 AM to 10:30 PM
Thursday through Saturday, 8:30 AM to midnight
Sunday, 8:30 to 10 PM
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Prisciliano Sánchez #115
Tlaquepaque Centro
Jalisco, Mexico

Our Menu

La Vid offers a distinctively Mexican interpretation of international cuisine. Begin your meal with one of La Vid’s unique appetizers, such as "cecina" (smoked meat) or mushrooms with garlic, or with "chistorra," a small, pork sausage.

Ensalada TlaquepaqueOr if you prefer to start with something lighter, try one of our salads. Vineyard Tlaquepaque, for example, brings together several varieties of lettuce, combined with pineapple squares and avocado, accompanied by slices of goat cheese and cucumber, and topped with a house-made green olive dressing.

Our four soups provide still another option. The more ambitious should sample one of our molcajetes, each one dramatically presented in a traditional bowl made from volcanic stone. The Poblano Cuitlacoche molcajeteMolcajete, for example, brings together chicken, poblano and pasilla chilis, corn and mushrooms, gouda cheese, with a morita sauce. Our menu also gives you four pastas to choose from.

The main attraction, of course, are La Vid’s many entrees. For Chicken Cordon Bleu, a plump chicken breast, stuffed with ham and cheese, is covered with the chef’s special béchamel sauce. As unique as it is delicious, Arrachera a la Paprika, is thin flank steak, marinated in smoked paprika and fresh orange juice, barbecued on the grill, and served over yogurt, onion, and banana. Shrimp Gabardina presents cheese-stuffed shrimp, wrapped in bacon, and covered with spinach sauce.
Fettuccini in Spinach SauceIf you still have room, several delicious desserts are also on our menu, including the dramatic Apple Flambé.

Besides a full bar, with many choices of wine, beer, tequila, liquors, and cocktails, we offer a wide range of non-alcoholic drinks, from coffee and cappuccino to exotic teas such as Relax (Flor de lavanda, manzanila, azahar, melisa, brezo, hoja de menta, pétalo de rosa y hoja de fresa).

Whatever you choose from our menu, you enjoy our fresh ingregients, creative recipes, and the chef's attention to detail. ¡Provecho!

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